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"Csilàr" Bracelet by Édit Lakatos

"Csilàr" Bracelet by Édit Lakatos

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"Csilàr" Bracelet

My name is Csilàr. With my silver color and finesse, I bring light and elegance to each outfit. I shine like the whole moon on a dark night. I am proud of my Hungarian name, which was first given to the daughter of the Hungarian predecessor, Előd.

I'm a Hungarian traditional bracelet, silver colored glass beads, handmade.

Édit Lakatos is a Belgium-based jewelry artist and was raised in the Hungarian countryside. She learned sewing, crochet and traditional bead weaving. Jewelry being her main interest, she especially liked bead weaving. Since she has been living in Belgium, the African style fascinates her as much as the Hungarian folk style.

Social impact: € 1 per jewelry piece purchased contributes to the Center of Prevention of Domestic Violence in Belgium.

Name: "Csilàr" Bracelet
Material: Silver seed beads and silver plated finishes.
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Shipping area: International
Location: Brussels, Belgium.

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