The idea of subcultours was originally born back in 2016 when founder Katja Krämer was living and working in San José, Costa Rica’s capital. Feeling bored and disillusioned of her daily job, she was constantly thinking of a way how to make her own work life more fun, creative and colorful, surrounded by interesting and inspiring people.

She came up with the concept of subcultours:
Workshops with artists that take place in their private homes, ateliers, studios or workplaces.

A kind of creative escape, out of the mundane day-to-day life that speaks
.. to everybody who wants to look beyond their own life experience,
.. to everybody who is curious to meet new, kind and interesting people, and
.. to everybody who wants to learn some new creative skills.
It has been a long journey with many ups and downs ever since the start back in 2016.

.. and the journey continues.
Still learning, still laughing, still evolving.
Always with love,
with time to chill and
with space for family and friends.

We're happy to hear from you.