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"Berlin Bear" Artwork by Nyra Turkmani

"Berlin Bear" Artwork by Nyra Turkmani

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"Berlin Bear"

The first days in Berlin were filled with mixed feelings and unfamiliarity. When artist Nyra first saw the bear emblem, it seemed to her that its snarl was directed against her, as if she stood before it with a sense of difficulty and fear. 
But as time went on, she realized that the bear was not against her, but she was standing behind it, and it offered her protection with its strength and snarl.

This city is magical, and with each passing day, Nyra confesses her love for it more and more. Berlin embraces her with its arms and reveals its secrets, allowing her to see its beauty and diversity. Now she understands that this bear symbolizes the strength and protection of the city, and she's happy to be a part of it.

The "Berlin collection" was created by the artist as a token of gratitude and love. It symbolizes Nyra's appreciation for acceptance, protection, and security.

Nyra Turkmani is a Ukrainian artist and interior designer who relocated to Berlin. Nyra graduated from Odesa School of Arts in Odesa, Ukraine. Afterwards, she completed professional courses in Interior Design, and took numerous private art courses. Her goal was to explore various artistic styles. However, not finding a specific favorite style, she has created her own interpretation of interior paintings and art objects that are executed on leather, combining different artistic directions.

Name: "Berlin Bear"
Material: High-quality eco-leather, acrylic paints, metallic foil, textured paste, and varnish.
Size: 100 x 70cm 

Shipping fee: approximately € 80 to U.S. and Canada, € 40 to Europe
(exact amount will be calculated by buyer location)
Shipping area: International
Location: Berlin, Germany

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