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Painting Workshop "Fine Art on Vegan Leather" with Nyra in Berlin, Germany

Painting Workshop "Fine Art on Vegan Leather" with Nyra in Berlin, Germany

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During her Painting Workshop "Fine Art on Vegan Leather" in Berlin, Germany, Nyra comes to your location (private home, office or hotel) and invites you to her world of exclusive paintings that combine elegance and eco-friendliness.

The artworks will be created on high-quality vegan leather, which gives the paintings a unique charm and distinctiveness.

For Nyra, art is one of the most powerful forms of expressing the human spirit. It can inspire her, touch her emotions, and provoke new thoughts and ideas. Nyra can host the Painting Workshop in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic language for you.

About the artist:

Nyra Turkmani is a Ukrainian artist and interior designer who relocated to Berlin. In Ukraine, she had her own studio and her paintings were exhibited in galleries and charity auctions. Nyra does not have her own studio yet in Berlin. She can offer workshops at your location or online.

The Ukrainian artist graduated from Odesa School of Arts in Odesa, Ukraine, as best student. Afterwards, she completed professional courses in Interior Design, and took numerous private art courses.

Her goal was to explore various artistic styles. However, not finding a specific favorite style, she has created her own interpretation of interior paintings and art objects that are executed on leather, combining different artistic directions.

All You Need To Know for the Painting Workshop "Fine Art on Vegan Leather" with Nyra in Berlin, Germany:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 1 to 10 people

Location: At Your Location, or Online.

Price per person: € 45, individual sessions € 60; includes all materials.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshops: On demand.

To see and buy some of artist Nyra's paintings, check our subculstore here.

To see more of Nyra'a work, check her Instagram

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I have been cooperating with Nyra for several years now. Always new and creative ideas, and most importantly - work on time. Thanks for the pictures!

Fagier R.
talented artist

You have an exceptional eye for art and design


Thank you for sharing your artistic gifts with the world and for enriching the art community with your unique vision.

Very beautiful

I am thrilled to be the owner of one of the works by this talented artist. I would gladly recommend their artwork to anyone who appreciates beauty and art.


I must commend you not only for your artistic skills but also for your ability to inspire and evoke emotions through your artwork. Each piece you create tells a story and ignites a sense of wonder and contemplation within me. Your passion for art shines through in every stroke, and it is evident that you view art as a powerful form of expression.