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"The Bialetti" Artwork by Daniel Da Cruz aka Malandro

"The Bialetti" Artwork by Daniel Da Cruz aka Malandro

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"The Bialetti"

"Bialetti, this brand which, even if we do not like coffee is known in a large part of the world, let us be like Bialetti, simple, capable of motivating a person to get through the day or the evening, and that ultimately we are good, with or without milk, with or without digestive, with or without chocolate, the Bialetti and the coffee that goes inside accept to mix in the world," says artist Daniel Da Cruz aka Malandro.

The fact of finding the beauty and purity of drawing with simplicity, at a time when we seek to question ourselves, our lives, our goals, the one line is for me simple and meaningful and allows us to say that ultimately life doesn't have to be complicated.

Name: "The Bialetti"

Material: Paper

Size: A4 (standard size)

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Shipping area: International

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

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