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One-Line Drawing Workshop with Malandro in Geneva, Switzerland

One-Line Drawing Workshop with Malandro in Geneva, Switzerland

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"Explanation of reasoning how something which seems complicated is transformed into something simple. The impact of the stroke is when two lines cross, a whole story is created, and how this story could evolve by just letting go and trusting your hand.

When the hand speaks, the brain is turned off, it is like putting a part of your soul into the drawing“
says artist Dani DaCruz aka Malandro from Geneva, Switzerland. 

"The fact of finding the beauty and purity of drawing with simplicity, at a time when we seek to question ourselves, our lives, our goals, the one line is for me simple and meaningful and allows us to say that ultimately life doesn't have to be complicated."

During Malandro’s One-Line Drawing Workshop, you learn exactly that:
How to let go and become one with the flow of your line.

Explanation of the name "Malandro":
Malandro is a person who is seen as a lazy person who just wants the bohemian life. The idea is to be seen as someone who does not do much but actually the person is a real hard worker.

All You Need To Know For the One-Line Drawing Workshop with Malandro in Geneva, Switzerland:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 1-2 people at Malandro's home and studio,
10 people (in person), up to 20 people (online)

Location: At the artist’s studio and home Geneva, Switzerland, or
At Your Location (hotel, company, private home), or Online.

Price per person: € 52; includes Ice Tea, tea, coffee, homemade cakes or dips of vegetables.

Minimum advance booking time: 3 days

Next workshop dates: On weekends (two weekends per month)

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