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Yoga and the Art of Drawing Workshop with Peter in Brussels, Belgium

Yoga and the Art of Drawing Workshop with Peter in Brussels, Belgium

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There are fascinating parallels between yoga and artistic activity such as drawing. Both are paths to self-discovery, expansion of consciousness and self-realization.

During the Yoga and the Art of Drawing Workshop with Peter in Brussels, Belgium, we combine yoga practice with drawing in the broad sense. The workshop consists of:

– A yoga group class of one hour.

– A drawing workshop in group of two hours.

Please note: The Yoga and the Art of Drawing Workshop are open to everyone regardless of their age, ethnicity, shape, body type, appearance, physical abilities, sexual orientation or whatever may distinguish us from each other.

No prior yoga or drawing experience is required. The minimum age for these workshops is 18 years.

The practice of yoga is both physical and meditative. It brings us in a relaxed, centered state of body and mind as a preparation for the art workshop.

In these Yoga and the Art of Drawing Workshop with Peter in Brussels, Belgium, we choose drawing as a form of expression, using paper and both black and colored pencils as preferred media. They are easy to use and very accessible.

However, we consider drawing in the broad sense of the word. That means we can use other media besides pencils. Even if the basic materials are present at the venue, every participant is free to bring their own art materials. These can be pencils, pens, felt-tip pens, pastels, oil crayons, brushes and their corresponding inks or paints, and so on.

One of the purposes of the drawing session is to provide a time slot, a space well-defined in time within which we allow our creative faculties to flow, and explore the obstacles that sometimes prevent us from making art into a more regular practice.

If desired, we do joint creative warm-ups or short exercises to get our drawing engine going. At the end of the session, the works are displayed and we share our experience and exchange about our work, in the same spirit of complete acceptance and non-judgement that also characterizes yoga.

When we make statements about the work of others, we do so with very clear agreements beforehand about the form of our comments.

Every workshop evolves around a chosen theme and results in the most amazing, surprising and diverse creations that leave both participants and facilitator in awe.

Herbal tea, water and a vegan snack are available during the workshop.

Social and Environmental impact: A part of the proceeds will be donated to Animal Sanctuaries that take care of abused farm animals. 

About the artist:

As a child and as an adult, Peter has always felt the deepest satisfaction when engaged in creative activities.

In his youth years, Peter trained in artistic drawing and black and white analog photography in his native town Gent in Belgium.
He has been living in the Brussels area for over 25 years.

After having worked as a graphic designer and trainer/coach in various professional contexts, he switched careers in 2013 after a yoga teacher training and today combines the yoga teaching with creative activities in the visual arts and hosting vegan cooking workshops.

All You Need To Know for the Yoga and the Art of Drawing Workshop with Peter in Brussels, Belgium:

Length of workshop: 3 hours

Languages of workshop: English, French, Dutch, German

Number of people: 1 - 8 people

Location: At Peter’s private yoga studio and art space in De Lochtstraat / Rue De Locht in Schaarbeek, Brussels, Belgium.

Price per person: € 104 for a 1-1 session, from 2 people and more € 39 per person; includes all materials, herbal tea, water and a vegan snack.

Minimum advance booking time: 5 days

Next workshop dates: Once every 4 weeks, on Sunday afternoons from 2 pm till 5 pm.

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