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Vocal Production Workshop with Pepe in Berlin, Deutschland

Vocal Production Workshop with Pepe in Berlin, Deutschland

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"Hey, I'm Pepe, I'm a professional mixing and mastering engineer and I'll teach you the fundamentals of vocal production and mixing in a 2-Day Live Vocal Production Workshop.

In a small group of maximum 5 people we will spend 2 days in a professional recording studio and besides topics like: Understanding and using equalizers, to the correct use of reverb & delay, pretty much everything you need to create release-ready tracks is included.

On top of that, I'll show you how to get the best out of your project with the knowledge you've gained. Get the tools you really need in my workshop to give free rein to your creativity in the future!"

Focus of the Vocal Production Workshop with Pepe in Berlin, Germany:

- Recording basics Microphoning

- Preparation

- Vocal editing

- Depth grading

- Pitch Correction / Autotune

- Instrumental Unmasking

- Frequency editing / Equalizer

- Dynamics (compression)

- Sound character and color (saturation)

- Stereo base widening

- Busses / Aux channels

- Reverb / Reverb

- Delay / Echo

- Dubs / Backings / Adlips

- Pre-mastering

About the artist:

"I'm Pepe, I'm a studied sound designer, with a focus on mixing & mastering. I have been working in the industry for over 10 years, with clients in the fields of: Hip-Hop, Rock and Techno.

My passion has always been editing vocals and optimizing the sound image. I pass on my knowledge and passion in my vocal production workshop in my studio in Berlin to inspire more people to be creative and have fun making music.

Working with most of my clients, I quickly realized that it's not just theory and practice that is important, but above all that the open questions are answered correctly."

Everything You Need To Know For The Vocal Production Workshop with Pepe in Berlin, Germany:

Duration of the workshop: 2 days of 8 hours each

Number of people: 3 - 5 people

Location: At the artist's music studio "29 Studios Tonstudio", in Berlin, Germany.

Price per person: 649 €; includes drinks: water, coffee.
Snacks / food not allowed in the studio itself - only in the lounge area.

Minimum advance notice time: 1 month

Next workshop dates: See calendar, and on private request.

- In March on 23.03 - 24.03
- In April on 20.04 - 21.04
- In May on 18.05 - 19.05

Please note: In the calendar booking system, you can only select the first day of the Vocal Production Workshop. The workshop runs for 2 days though. 
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