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Ceramic Creations Workshop with Daniela and Team in Porto, Portugal

Ceramic Creations Workshop with Daniela and Team in Porto, Portugal

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During Daniela's Ceramic Creations Workshop at her studio in Porto, Portugal, you will dive into the fascinating universe of ceramics and create 1 piece of clay that will be yours at the end of the local ceramic experience.

You will learn to create with the following ceramic techniques:
Lastra, Snake and Finger.

Imagination has no limits when it comes to natural clay, and with the right intro and guidance from Daniela you will be able to create some beautiful and unique pieces.

After the creation part and with the clay still moist, you will paint the ceramic pieces in engobe.

After 2 weeks of drying you or Daniela will make the first firing in the kiln. If you want, Daniela can give your pieces a clear glass bath so that they become waterproof.

As soon as your pieces are ready, she contacts you so you can pick them up. If you live abroad, Daniela can send them to you by mail for an extra fee.

Note: If you want to take your ceramic pieces of art with you the the very same day, you can use and work with air clay! 

About the artist:

Daniela Morgada aka LUZITA has been working as a ceramist since 2019. At the time she decided to take a ceramics course and immediately fell in love with the material and craft.

Ever since she has had her own projects but it was mostly lamps that she focused on.
Why? Because Daniela loves big pieces and lamps allow her that.

In 2021 she finally opened her own ceramic studio and since then she is able to host workshops, both in ceramics and tile painting.

She loves having people at her studio and sharing her knowledge. Some of her students even became ceramists themselves now! This is making Daniela super-happy. :)

Daniela says "Don't worry if you have never tried ceramics. I am sure you will make 3 amazing pieces during our workshop together!"

All You Need To Know for the Ceramic Creations Workshop with Daniela in Porto, Portugal:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 2 to 6 

Location: At Daniela's atelier Boiler Studio in 
Rua dos Caldeireiros, Porto Downtown.

Price per person: € 55 per person; includes all workshop materials as well as Oporto wine and snacks.

Minimum advance booking time: 24 hours

Next workshops dates are: Everyday except Mondays.

Watch our subcultalk with Daniela here.

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