subcultalk with ceramic artist Daniela Morgado aka Luzita from Porto, Portugal

Daniela Morgado aka Luzita is a ceramic artist based in Porto, Portugal. 

How she found her way from being an employee in the pharmaceutical industry into the world of art and which role art actually plays in her life today, you find out in our official subcultalk with her. 

But first, let's start as usual with our 1-minute teaser video as appetizer for you, to give you a brief impression of Daniela's beautiful, warm and sparkling being! :)

Okay, and now you probably want to get to know Daniela even more, just like us. :)
Then, click on the image below to see our entire subcultalk with her. 

At the beginning, the Portuguese ceramic artist talks about the reason why she started with art in the first place. Then, she shares with us her creative process and what she needs to nurture it.

Daniela talks about her very popular and well-booked Tile Painting Workshops and Ceramic Creation Workshops, about her latest art exhibition and in the final part, she shares some of her art pieces that are very important to her because they represent important milestones on her journey as an artist.

We hope you enjoyed Daniela's subcultalk as much as we did!

To meet and create with Daniela in person, you can see and book one of her workshops here

A BIG thank you to the team for making the subcultalks possible:

Video Filming and Editing by Inês.

2nd Video Editing by Michael.

Until next time!

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