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"The people around" Illustration Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

"The people around" Illustration Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

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Gabriela Araujo is an illustration and animation artist living and working in Porto.
She says that she tends to focus on the tiny details of daily life. Having worked in the social impact industry for the past few years, her work is usually a mix between what is fun to do and what is important to talk about.

"How we speak, dress, walk - and even our own faces - are a direct reflection of the culture we live in. That's what makes each country, city or village unique and different from the rest", the artist says.

In Gabriela's ✨"The people around" Illustration Workshop✨ you are going to embrace the singularities of the people in the streets. The artist is going to show you how to draw a character and bring it to life with facial expressions. You will also learn how to put your own thoughts and ideas on paper. 

Gabriela will share her very own workflow with you, the importance of the message, how to work with humor (always!) and eventually, how to identify social problems and tackle them through humor and drawing.
Gabriela is excited to meet and get to know you! 

Length of workshop: 2-3 hours
Number of people: 1-5 people
Location: At an artist co-working studio and in the streets of Porto
Price per person: € 46; includes home-made scones and tea or beer
Minimum advance booking time: 1 week
Next workshops: Every Friday

To see more of Gabriela's work, check her Instagram and her Etsy shop

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