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"TERRESTRIAL SPHERE" Fine Art Print by Marzia Braggion

"TERRESTRIAL SPHERE" Fine Art Print by Marzia Braggion

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Aristotle divided his universe into "terrestrial spheres" which were "corruptible" where humans lived and moving, but otherwise unchanging celestial spheres.

​According to the principles of traditional astrology, the Earth was in the center of the Universe and made by the 4 elements. They were illustrated in the Terrestrial Spheres and ordered according to their density. From the center: earth, water, air, fire

This is a scanography collage of natural elements including flowers, leaves, feathers and stones.

Visual artist Marzia Braggion is “creating art to uplift humanity“.
She was born in the 80's in the Italian countryside, as the child of a seamstress and an artisan jewelry maker. Following also the artistic path, Marzia attended Drama, Art and Music Studies at the University of Bologna.

She moved later to Portugal, attracted by its beautiful natural landscapes. 
"I grabbed the opportunity to live abroad and eventually came to Portugal, where I delved into the language of filmmaking and became a seamstress of images".

Her passion for visual arts, photography, and cinema led her to approach new ways of experimentation, starting from analogue LOMO photography to scanner photography, and from video editing to live video jamming.

Material: Limited Edition of Scanograms printed in fine art photographic paper signed on the backside.
Size: A2: 42 x 59.4 cm
Shipping fee: approximately € 12
(exact amount will be calculated by buyer location)
Shipping area: within Europe
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Book a "Scanography" -the Art of Scanner Photography- Workshop with Marzia here
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