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"Summer Textile Dye Kit" by Elena Stanciu

"Summer Textile Dye Kit" by Elena Stanciu

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The "Summer Textile Dye Kit" by Romanian natural textile dyer Elena Stanciu is all homegrown dye material.
The name is representative for the time Elena spends growing flowers in summer and for the feeling of summer and natural dye.

The "Summer Textile Dye Kit" contains enough dyeing material to dye two sparse scarves or one dense scarf, as well as a 1 hour video call in which Elena explains the dyeing process to you and during which you can ask her all the questions you might have.

The kit comes with a silk scarf, but you can opt out by choosing the scour/ mordant option for cellulose (vegan) fiber. For example a t-shirt.

Option 1: Using the silk scarf; BEGINNER friendly. It's great for those of you who don't have any previous experience with dyeing. 

Option 2: Using no silk, but with a scour/mordant to dye your own item.
Option 2 is an INTERMEDIATE level, as the scour and mordanting is quite advanced. Elena provides you with all the information on scouring and mordanting, both in the Kit description but also during the 1 hour video call that is included in the Kit. 

Some more details about the "Summer Textile Dye Kit" by Elena Stanciu:

- It comes in a craft box.

- It's packed with recyclable and reusable paper.

- The dye material comes in kraft paper stand-up bags with window and zipper.

- The dye material is homegrown in Elena's tinctorial garden.

- The kit comes with a ready-to-dye silk scarf (45 cm) from dead stocks, hand hemmed.

- The kit comes with written instructions and a 1 hour video call in person with Elena.

- The raw dye stuff varies, and colors will vary depending on your water, steam time, dye density, detergent.

- You need additional household items to complete the project such as: Water, stainless steel pot, vegetable steamer, and soap.

About the artist:

"It started in the middle of the pandemic when everything was put on hold. I knew the clothing industry very well and their negative impact on the environment was alarming to me. So I gave a reset, which came naturally and at a time when it was needed.

I searched, I experimented, I told others about the old craft called "secrets of weed farming". We were all amazed at how generous, full of surprises and amazing nature is.

So, with the help of leaves, flowers, roots, tree barks we naturally dye fabrics only natural so that nature is not affected."
Elena Stanciu, natural textile dyer. 

Name: "Summer Dye Kit"

Material: 100% natural, homegrown dye material.

Size: Enough dyeing material to dye two sparse scarves or one dense scarf. 

Shipping fee: € 15 for shipping within Europe.

Delivery time: 3 weeks

Shipping area: Europe

Location: Borlesti, Romania

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