Percussion Workshop "Cuban Rhythms" for Beginners with Adan in Hamburg, Germany

Percussion Workshop "Cuban Rhythms" for Beginners with Adan in Hamburg, Germany

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"First, there was the music, then came the dance."

The two-hour Percussion Workshop "Cuban Rhythms" for Beginners with Adan in Hamburg, Germany, offers you the great opportunity to go back to the roots and get to know the typical percussion instruments that accompany the rousing Cuban music.

"Clave, maracas, guiro-chekere-palitos campana and congas."

This is the first time something like this has been offered in Hamburg. You learn to understand the music and hear the rhythm. This is the basis for every dance.

Together with Adan, you play Rumba Guaguanco, Mozambike, Conga Comparsa Havana Style. You can even accompany the rhythmic exercises with steps!

About the artist:

"Hi, I am Adan Rodriguez.
I'm originally from Cuba. However I have been living in Hamburg, Germany, for over 30 years for making music and some other personal reasons.

Since the beginning of my arrival in Hamburg I made contact with other musicians because my goal was to make music, which is what I like and especially the music of my country.

For a long time I have been making music with different musicians and bands and I have chosen percussion as a base to teach. I have worked as a percussionist in several musical groups and I have also worked in musical projects with children and teenagers, I have also taught private lessons and percussion workshops.

Percussion is one of the musical branches that is most used in the music of my country, Cuba...we have a very rich and variable music in rhythms where the percussion elements stand out notably.

Besides being a percussionist, I also play other instruments such as the trumpet and guitar, I am a teacher of Caribbean and Latin dances and also a DJ.

My musical spectrum is very variable because I play several musical genres such as Jazz, Bossa Nova, Latin music, Pop music and Afro music.

I have performed my music at numerous events such as Christmas parties, Birthday parties, Weddings and other special events."

All You Need To Know For The Percussion Workshop "Cuban Rhythms" for Beginners with Adan in Hamburg, Germany:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: Minimum 4 people

Languages: Germany, English or Spanish

Location: At the club " La Macumba", in  Adenauerallee, Hamburg, Germany, or At Your Location.

Price per person: € 33; includes all music instruments.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshop dates: On request.

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