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3 Days - Painting Workshop for Beginners with Araiké in Berlin, Germany

3 Days - Painting Workshop for Beginners with Araiké in Berlin, Germany

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Come and join multidisciplinary artist Araiké Da Silva during his Painting Workshop for Beginners at his studio in Berlin Wedding, Germany!

During Araiké’s Painting for Beginners Workshop in Berlin Wedding, you learn the following during three days:

 1st day:
- Learn about which material you can use to paint, how and where to choose them
- Learn how to stretch a Canvas 100 x 70 cm
- Learn how to prepare the Canvas
Length: 3 hours

2nd day: 
- Learn the basics about color theory
- Learn how to mix pigments with a binder
(which could be either acrylic or oil depending on the preferences of the participant)
- Learn how to apply color on the canvas, starting from the portrait or the figure as the subject (can eventually be changed in any other subject chosen by the participant)
Length: 4 hours

3rd day:
- Experiment with different media and techniques
Length: 4 hours

About the artist:
Araiké Da Silva is an Italian-Brazilian painter, photographer and sculptor based in Berlin. He attended Genoa Comics Academy where he learned the art of illustration and comics.

At the Artistic Highschool School Paul Klee-Nicoló Barabino, he explored the figurative arts, becoming passionate about sculpture and philosophy.

He also studied in Southampton, where he acquired his knowledge of both analog and digital photography.

Araiké won the first prize in the Illustration competition "Draw Not War" and won the national competition "Photographing the Divine Comedy".

His collaborations include both the world of fashion and the world of Street Art. He continues his studies at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin and keeps on developing his artistic career.

All You Need To Know for the 3 Days Painting Workshop for Beginners in Berlin:

Length of workshop: 11 hours (split in 3 days)

Number of people:
 1 - 2 people

Location: At Araiké’s studio and darkroom in Wedding, Berlin.

Price per person: € 260; includes all material, water, tea, biscuits and Araiké’s good energy.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshops dates:

Sundays from 10.30am, and
Monday - Friday from 6:30 pm

To see and buy some of artist Araiké's artwork, check our subculstore here

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