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Monster Doll Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

Monster Doll Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

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Meet local artist Iva in her beautiful atelier near the Fine Arts school in Porto and create your own monster doll! 👹✨
Monsters are Iva’s alter ego. As a monster she can say or do anything. She can be grumpy, sarcastic or make fun of things... She can just be. And so can you! 😼
In this workshop you will be making your own monster doll. From the drawing on the paper, the painting on its face and the sewing of all the parts, you will be creating a monster, a character, a doll. During the 3-4 hours workshop you will be using sewing machines.

Length of workshop: 3-4 hours

Number of people: 1-4 people

Location: At Iva's atelier, near the Fine Arts school in Porto, Portugal
Price per person: € 69 - includes 1 monster doll, snacks & drinks.
Minimum advance booking time: 14 days
Next workshops: 
Monday - Sunday 9-19h

To see Iva's subcultalk, click here.

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