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Madeira Island Wicker Workshop with Catarina on Madeira, Portugal

Madeira Island Wicker Workshop with Catarina on Madeira, Portugal

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With her Madeira Island Wicker Workshops on Madeira, Portugal, Catarina’s mission is to teach you how to create natural objects such as your own pair of wicker earrings or a beautiful wicker basket.

During the Madeira Island Wicker Workshop, she serves you "Ginja da Madeira“, the famous local alcohol drink, or tea with traditional honey cookies.

After the creation process, Catarina takes you to the beautiful wicker plantations so you can see where the materials of your art piece originally come from. :)

About the artist:

Catarina remembers being a young girl trying to figure out with her small fingers where each wicker braid of the fruit bowl on her family’s dining table began and ended.

This is the oldest memory she has of wicker. She always knew that she wanted to work with her hands, but life kept delaying the realization of her dream until one day.

She spent many hours at Camacha, at Mr. Alcino's house, a wise and patient man, who transmitted to her the knowledge of his art. Together, they have spent many hours working hard, laughing, with "Ginjas da Madeira“ and sharing some concerns and small worries. Her passion turned into love for the work ever since.

Over the years, her house has been transformed into an art studio and workshop. Her car became a transporter of merchandise and goods. Her hands, which were once always beautifully arranged, are now full of wounds and blisters, with short nails and painful fingers. Her clothes have now been reduced to jeans, always wet and stained with earth.

Producing something unique and exclusive in the age of globalization is what drives Catarina.

All You Need To Know for the Madeira Island Wicker Workshop with Catarina on Madeira, Portugal:

Length of workshop: 3 hours

Number of people: 1-8 people

Location: At Catarina's studio in Funchal and outdoors at wicker plantation, on Madeira island, Portugal. 

Price per workshop: € 672 for a group of up to 8 people (for the whole group); includes one self-made napkin ring (like on the photos); private transport to all locations; Ginja da Madeira (a local alcohol drink), tea, and traditional honey cookies.

Minimum advance booking time: 4 days

Dates: From Monday to Friday; 12-15h and 15-18h

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