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Figure Sculpting And Drawing Nude Model Workshop for Beginners with Ella in Berlin, Germany

Figure Sculpting And Drawing Nude Model Workshop for Beginners with Ella in Berlin, Germany

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Artist Ella’s Figure Sculpting And Drawing Nude Model Workshop for Beginners in Berlin, Germany, is an exclusive evening masterclass for learning the ancient craft of life model sculpting.

This class is suitable for beginners as well as for those looking to deepen their current skills.

During the workshop you gather in a meditative silent studio atmosphere, experiencing a 180-degree setting around the life model.

Ella provides personal guidance tailored to each participant's level of experience, accompanied by wine, music, and all the necessary materials.

You begin with a series of quick charcoal sketches on paper, exploring form perception. In the next step you start to sculpt in clay.

This unique workshop helps you discover your own unique signature and style. You learn various techniques and working methods that help you to translate what you see with your eyes into a sculpture, formed by your own hands.

The workshop is conducted in English. It is also possible to receive personal assistance in Russian or Hebrew upon request.

What you'll get

  • Personal guidance tailored to all skill levels.
  • Wine, snacks, cold and hot drinks.
  • Personal sculpting tool, papers, charcoals and clay.
  • You can contact Ella via WhatsApp for any questions after purchasing your ticket.

Please note: Bring a surface or box that will assist you in transporting your sculpture at the end of the class.

You’re welcome to bring your own favorite tools as well if you wish!

About the artist

Ella Taub has been leading this immersive workshop experience for over 7 years.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1993, Ella embarked on her sculpting journey at a young age. At just 22 years old, she founded her first sculpting studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ella has been dedicated to teaching along with focusing on her own artistic practices, both creating and exhibiting in galleries. Her special approach is focused on connecting participants with their natural intuition, teaching them to “listen with their eyes.”

Recently, Ella relocated to Berlin and established her professional studio in West Berlin’s Charlottenburg.
Here, you can have an intimate  opportunity to view her work processes and receive a rare chance to learn directly from the artist.

"It's a space for personal development where everyone is welcomed with personal attention and warmth. I strive to provide the most comfortable, safe, and quiet atmosphere to allow individuals to go through their own individual processes and find their unique expression." – Ella Taub

All You Need To Know for the Figure Sculpting And Drawing Nude Model Workshop for Beginners with Ella in Berlin, Germany:

Length of workshop: 3 hours

Number of people: 1 - 10 people

You will automatically receive a 20% discount if you buy at least 2 tickets.

Location: At Ella’s studio in Berlin, Germany.

Price per person: € 85; includes all materials, drinks and snacks.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 hours

Next workshop dates: On request.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Beyond all the expectations

I had an incredible experience at Ella's life model sculpting workshop! The atmosphere was warm and friendly, and Ella's guidance was both professional and full of love. Despite having no prior experience, I felt at ease, trusted the process, and created a piece of art I'm proud of. Time flew by, and I wished for more. Highly recommend this workshop for a welcoming and enriching creative journey.

Avishai levy
Great workshop

Great experience at Ella's workshop, good atmosphere and guidance.
highly recommend 😁

Guy Danieli
Just give it a try, you’ll see

Best life model class out there! The platform is suitable for beginners and professionals.
Lovely hosting, charming teacher and a well equipped studio.

Eyal sadeh
Great artist, great teacher!

Love her classes!!!

Always I get out of the class w self-made amazing statue!

Ella makes it soooo easy to jump into a creative process.

A jem!

Haven’t tried yet?? Give it a try..

There are a lot of perspectives in how you look at art, Ella inspired me from the very first class I attended and made me come back for more, the peace and calm that permeated my entire body- it let me focus on my peace of art that led to be part of my own house.

Ella made sure the atmosphere in the room was infectious with music, refreshments and memorable smell.
Great gift for husbands wives children and friends.
I highly recommend to any individual out there who seeks to go beyond their comfort zone.