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Jewelry Workshop "Ring Making Wax Carving" with Tessia in Berlin, Germany

Jewelry Workshop "Ring Making Wax Carving" with Tessia in Berlin, Germany

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Learn the art of ring-making during Tessia's Jewelry Workshop "Ring Making Wax Carving" in Berlin, Germany!

You will get an hands-on experience by the jewelry designer herself with both materials and tools. 

At the end of the Jewelry Workshop you will have your own unique wax ring and the skills to create more.
After the Jewelry Workshop your piece will be casted in sterling silver and ready for pick up in maximum 3 weeks.

The Jewelry Workshop is designed for beginners with no experience necessary.

After the session, you will get a list from Tessia with all the information and tools you need to continue making jewelry yourself.  

About the artist:

"Hello, I'm Tessia (she/her), a self-taught jewelry maker.
During my childhood, I enjoyed creating jewelry, and a few years ago, I rekindled this passion by working with and upcycling pearls from flea markets.

As I learned working with real silver, my love for jewelry making grew immensely.
It has now become my full-time occupation, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share this passion with others."

All You Need To Know For The Jewelry Workshop "Ring Making Wax Carving" with Tessia in Berlin, Germany: 

Duration of the workshop: 3 hours

Number of participants: 2-7 people

Languages: English, German

Location: At Tessia’s studio in Weisestraße, 10249 Berlin, Germany.

Price per person: € 208 per person; includes all materials; soft drinks, tea, coffee and water, snacks (fruits, crips).

Minimum advance notice time: 4 days

Next workshop dates: Dates on request after work from 6-9pm

 Next fixed dates:
- On Sundays (13-16h): 21.07, 04.08, 18.08.

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