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"Sweet Agony #1" Artwork by Frank Albert

"Sweet Agony #1" Artwork by Frank Albert

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This picture is part of the 'Sweet Agony' series. The red, as the epitome of passion and aggression, experiences its own lightness through the use of form. The color loses its threat and still looks iconographic. The flag in the wind, the beating heart. The associations of dealing with traditional coloring are reinterpreted and enable new artistic approaches.

Frank Albert's works function like an emotional diary, an archeology of memories, like a visual journey into the unknown. The search for beauty in the mysterious is a basic motif that can be found again and again in the most diverse series of works.

The expressive and yet sensitive use of color gives the works something filigree, an indefinable secret that cannot be rationally explained. Worlds of color awaken memories of experiences, structures call for discovering new things, contours give a glimpse of what is hidden.

The multi-layered and complex painting frees the viewer from a ready-made reading and invites them to get involved intuitively with the pictorial world.

Here, abstraction becomes the counterpoint to the realistic imagery we are confronted with every day. Art becomes the driver for an imaginative approach to the hidden.

Layer by layer, with many overlays, a mysterious depth is created that challenges the viewer to discover the unknown and to be seduced and inspired by the images again and again.

Name: " Sweet Agony #1"
Material: Mixed media on cardboard, unframed
Size: 100 x 70 x 1cm 
Shipping fee: Within Europe € 25-50 plus packaging.
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Shipping area: International
Location: Nürnberg / Eibach, Germany

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