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Intentional Painting Workshop with Sabela at Art Sanctuary in Hamburg, Germany

Intentional Painting Workshop with Sabela at Art Sanctuary in Hamburg, Germany

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For the Intentional Painting Workshop with visual artist Sabela García Cuesta in Hamburg, you are invited to Sincronia Studio, the first Art Sanctuary, to train your creative expression and release, experiment, relax and melt with colors.

Never really tried creating artwork as a way to connect to your intuition?
No problem. You need no previous experience at all.

Artist Sabela will be your host to guide you through a couple of activities to help your creative juices flow. Then you will be encouraged to experiment solo.

You are provided with a curated kit, containing a canvas, a selection of brushes, and an assortment of vibrant paints. Before you begin, artist and host Sabela guides you through a couple of exercises to unlock the atmosphere and let your creative juices flow.

After, she invites you to take a moment to set an intention for your painting. This intention serves as your guiding force, allowing your emotions, thoughts, and desires to flow freely through your brush strokes.

You can take a break anytime and go explore the array of books and oracle cards. Sabela loves using them to get inspired! You have 2 hours to immerse yourself in your artistic endeavor, connect with your inner self and let your emotions and inspirations take shape on the canvas.

You might be surprised about what comes out!

At the end of the session, you will have acquired one more tool to connect to your intuition, peace of mind, and a unique artwork that embodies your personal journey and expression.

Sabela is looking forward to meeting you! :)

About the artist:
Sabela García Cuesta is a visual artist, wellness entrepreneur, host of soulful events and experiences and social connector. 

Based between Hamburg, Germany and Venice Beach, LA, the artist ist often moving around the world to exhibit her art.

All You Need To Know for the Intentional Painting Workshop in Hamburg:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 1 - 10 people

Location: At the artist studio, or At Your Location in Hamburg, Germany

Price per person: € 129 for a 1-1 session; € 116 for a 1-2 session; from 3 people and more € 69 per person; includes all materials, wine, non-alcoholic drinks and healthy snacks.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next dates available: On private request.


  1. Which clothes should I wear? We will be seating in the floor with cushions, that meas we encourage clothes you feel comfortable in. Remember we are playing with paint, have this into consideration when choosing your outfit of the day. You can also chnage here if you like.
  2. Shall I be at 6 pm there? Think of this session as a yoga session. We can't get started until everyone is there. Please be sharp on time. The doors will close later on and nobody will be able to enter.
  3. Do you serve drinks and food too? I will be offering you some wine and tap water along with small snacks. If there is something you want to drink, please BYO (bring your own). There is no problem with that.
  4. Do I need to bring something? Not really, you are provided with a curated kit containing a canvas, a selection of brushes, and paints. If you wish to paint/ draw with an specific color or material please BYO :)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
great three hours with a group of 8

We had booked the workshop as part of our team get-together (work-related). Turned out to be three fabulous hours with Sabela, who led us to open up for creative action, provided the right prompts and tools, when we actually started our "masterpieces". Overall, she just provided a super-relaxed, but energized environment. Wonderful!

Janina Walter
Tolle Erfahrung, mega angenehmes Setting

Sabela schafft eine total entspannte Wohlfühlathmosphäre! Ich fand die Übungen zu Beginn um Locker zu lassen sehr gut. Sabela zeigt wirklich spannende Techniken. Danach fiel es mir viel leichter intuitiv zu malen. Es war auch schön wie man mit den anderen Teilnehmern ins Gespräch gekommen ist. Ich fand es auch sehr gemütlich, dass es kleine Tapas und Wein gab. Faires Preis-Leistungsverhältnis<3

Got the creative juices flowing

This is way more than just your average at workshop. Sabela has a unique way to create an experience with a safe atmosphere that leaves room for a lot of vulnerability and self expression while stepping outside of your comfort zone. Meanwhile you get to reconnect with your creative side and get into a flow state that left me with many new realizations. ✨

That was fun - and intensive

I attended the Intentional Painting Workshop last Friday and I really had a fun night. I am not an arts person, but Sabela has such a wonderful way to make painting easily accessible for everyone. She combined the fun side about playing with colors with the deeper meaning of painting with intention in such a charming way. I highly recommend this experience!

Maia X
Transformative experience

Sabela's intuitive painting workshop is truly an amazing experience. Sabela creates a welcoming and supportive environment where you feel free to express yourself through art. Her guidance and encouragement help you tap into your creativity and explore your inner world. What I love about her workshops is that there is no pressure to create a specific outcome, it's all about the process and the experience. I highly recommend Sabela's intuitive painting workshop to anyone looking to connect with their creativity and meet like-minded individuals.