Garage Mushroom Tour and Dining - in Porto, Portugal

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The Portuguese-German couple Diogo and Wiebke started to experiment with Gourmet mushrooms in self-built rooms in their garage. It has been a journey with ups and contamination until they finally could produce and sell their mushrooms on a bigger scale.
During their “Garage Mushroom Tour and Mushroom Dining Experience“ they want to share their journey with you.
They show you their mushroom garage laboratory and garden, explain the whole process from cultivating to selling their mushrooms and offer you a delicious 3 course mushroom dinner with regional food and wine from Diogo’s family farm.

Length of workshop: 3,5 hours - 19-22.30h
Number of people: 4-10 people

At their home, in the beautiful neighborhood of Nevogilde, Porto. Between the city center and beach.
Price per person:
€ 69 - includes guided mushroom tour and 3 course mushroom dinner with regional food, wine from Diogo’s family farm, flavored water (cucumber, lemon, mint).
Minimum advance booking time: 14 days

Next workshop: Twice per month on demand


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