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"Elegance" Macramé Bracelet by Cláudia Almeida

"Elegance" Macramé Bracelet by Cláudia Almeida

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"Elegance" Macramé Bracelet

This bracelet was created by artist Cláudia out of her memory of the thin white arms of her godmother in a picture where she is dressed in white and looks very beautiful and serene. She has always been a role model for Cláudia and became an even more important person in her life since her mother passed away because of cancer 12 years ago. It was her godmother who encouraged her to pursue the activity of art. The name "Elegance" and the macramé bracelet is dedicated to her godmother.

At the age of 5, artist and artisan Cláudia embroidered her first cloth with cross stitch. She used to make gifts for family members, for instance a napkin holder out of ice cream sticks she picked up on the beach. She used pieces of wood where she glued whelks and shells.

Cláudia has always been surrounded by handicraft material. Her mother, a primary school teacher, used to go to an art studio and do a little of everything. Their marquee used to be their atelier.

Name: "Elegance" Macramé Bracelet
Material: Golden and white thread of 100% waxed cotton, 1mm thick. 
Size: 20 x 3cm

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Location: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Book an "Ocean Keychain Macramé Workshop" with artist Cláudia in Vila Nova de Gaia here.

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