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3 Days Textile Weaving Workshop and Homestay with Rita in Lisbon, Portugal

3 Days Textile Weaving Workshop and Homestay with Rita in Lisbon, Portugal

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During Rita’s 3 Days Textile Weaving Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, you learn how to weave and create your own scarf or a wall hanging piece with recycled threads and natural fibres using Rita’s rigid loom. 

The "Textile Weaving Workshop" is structured the following way for you:

Day 1: 
Morning 9am: Photography Inspiration walk in Lisbon’s city center where you can train your eyes to focus on color. 

Afternoon after lunch: Introduction to weaving at the studio - 4 hours.
You choose your preferred color combinations, different threads and textures. You start to assemble the loom.

Day 2: 
Morning 9am: You weave your own piece of scarf or wall hanging with Rita's instructions and help at the studio - 4 hours.

Afternoon: Free - Relax, exchange knowledge and share laughs. 

Day 3:
Morning 9am: You continue to weave your own piece of scarf or wall hanging and complete it at the studio - 4 hours.

Afternoon: Free - Relax, exchange knowledge and share laughs.

Please not that you can check-in after 15h on the previous day of the official workshop start if you want. Rita welcomes you with a tea and walk in her neighborhood.

Rita’s studio is inside her apartment. You can stay at her guest room as a family member. It’s a simple room with a balcony, which you can see on the photos below. You have a single bed and access to your private bathroom. You can use the kitchen to prepare your meals, the washing machine and living room.

The apartment is 10 minutes walk to Metro, 2 minutes walk to direct bus to city center. 5 minutes walk to stores. 10 minutes walk to local market Silvado, every Monday.
Rita’s apartment is located on the 3rd floor with no lift. She has no animals at home.

Her workshop can take place in English, French, Spanish.

About the artist:

Rita Martins Pereira is a Portuguese textile and fashion designer based in Lisbon. Cities and the landscapes worldwide are the textile artist’s inspiration. She weaves memories of urban life, green and rugged mountains, and sunny shores into patterns that reflect human creativity and the beauty of our planet. 

Rita learned to weave at António Arroio Secondary School in Lisbon, when she was 15 years old. She specialized in weaving and studied in detail the structure of textiles. After finishing school, she wanted to extend her knowledge and pursue further studies. She decided to attend the Fashion Design Course at IADE, also in Lisbon. Once enrolled, she discovered her second passion, Photography, which led her to to a mix of fashion, textiles and photography. 

Then, in 2015, the "Year of the Light", Rita decided to create her own textile brand named "Cross Lights". Rita chose this path based on how good weaving makes her feel and the fun she has during the whole process of making a piece, researching, creating the design and weaving. The artist has discovered for herself that weaving is the best way to express herself, due to the endless possibilities of this craft. 

All You Need To Know for the 3 Days Textile Weaving Workshop and Homestay in Lisbon, Portugal:

Length of workshop:
3 days, 4 hours per day
Please not that in the booking system you select always the first day of the 3 days workshop experience. 

Number of people: 1 person

Location: At Rita’s home and studio in Odivelas, Lisbon, Portugal,
or At Your Location.

Price per person: € 567, includes all materials, 4 hours daily workshop, 3 hours inspiration walk in Lisbon, 3 nights accommodation, water and tea. 
Not included: Transport and food.

Price per person without accommodation: € 487

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshops dates: See calendar
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