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Team Building Painting Workshop "Expand Your Notions Of Creativity" with Charlie in Porto, Portugal

Team Building Painting Workshop "Expand Your Notions Of Creativity" with Charlie in Porto, Portugal

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During his Team Building Painting Workshop "Expand Your Notions Of Creativity", artist and workshop host Charlie leads you through both individual and team-based art exercises focused on expanding your notions of creativity!

Individually, you will warm up with paper, crayons, and oil pastels to get your hands and eyes moving without overthinking it. Charlie provides examples to show anyone who feels stuck.

Then you will be divided into several teams and encouraged to create group art with paint on canvas that reflects the ties that bind you personally and professionally.

Next to help your creativy thrive, the goal of this Team Building Painting Workshop is to foster team spirit and build on your company’s core values that will be defined and communicated before the workshop.

Charlie leads you through colors, and figures, and enthusiastically coaches you to make works of art that reflect these company values, creating lasting memories and artworks.

Read our blog post about one of Charlie's last Team Building Painting Workshops with a company in Lisbon, Portugal.

About the artist:

Charlie Visconage is an American self-taught artist, living in Matosinhos, Portugal.

When other kids told him at a young age he was a "bad drawer" in school, he believed it for far too long. In 2014, a friend suggested he paint just for the hell of it, and Charlie found a new means of expression that he loved and hasn't stopped painting since.

Charlie makes brightly colored, funny landscape paintings, portraits, and sculptures.
To see and buy some of artist Charlie's artwork, check our subculstore 

The painter's work focuses on capturing the darkly comedic moments of our time, finding joy in spite of the slow death of capitalism and the end of the American empire.

Watch our subcultalk with Charlie here.

All You Need To Know for the Painting Workshop with Charlie in Matosinhos, Portugal:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 2-100+ people

Location: At Your Office or Event Location.

Languages: English

Price per person: From € 1500; includes all materials. 

Please note that this price is for up to 15 people. For bigger groups, we will send you a custom offer.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshops: On request. 

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