subcultalk with visual artist Charlie Visconage from Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal

Charlie Visconage is an American self-taught visual artist who recently relocated to Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal, to be closer to the sea and sunshine.

Next to his art practice, he hosts Painting Workshops for up to 8 people at his home studio in Matosinhos. The topic is "Give Yourself Permission To Art" and intends to unlock your creativity and permit yourself to make whatever you want.

Get a first impression of Charlie during our lil' teaser video!

During the full interview, Charlie talks about his approach to painting.
Why he started painting in the first place, what he gets out of it, and what he has experienced so far during his entire journey as a self-taught painter.

Charlie also talks with us about his experience with psychedelics, his intention to make as many people as possible have fun via his art, and his ideas and projects to make the latter happen. Watch the entire video here!

To see more of Charlie's artwork, check his Instagram.

You can book a Painting Workshop "Give Yourself Permission To Art" with Charlie in person at his art studio in Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal.

Big THANKS to the team to make this subcultalk happen! 

Video Production and Interview by Inês Quente.

Post Production by Michael Ilg

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