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Jewelry Workshop "Your Body Jewels" with Laure in Brussels, Belgium

Jewelry Workshop "Your Body Jewels" with Laure in Brussels, Belgium

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Build a new love relationship with your body.

Need to take care of yourself? How about we create together YOUR customized body jewel?

Body jewels aka "sensual jewels" are nowadays getting well known for the empowerment they bring you while discretely wearing them. Made of stainless steel, colored glass, natural beads, and other materials, Laure’s jewels decorate the parts of your body you wish to empower or boost, whether you already like them or need to make peace with them.

So much more than a jewel...

Laure proposes a moment of care exclusively for YOU where you will be able to create your customized sensual jewel together.

In this Jewelry Workshop, you will

- spend a beautiful self-love moment where you are the star of the day.

- start or continue a journey of reconciliation with your body.

- feel empowered with a jewel created exclusively with you and for you, in collaboration with an artist whose jewels are sold in several Brussels love shops.

- go with your jewel to wear under your clothes whenever you like to feel beautiful without anybody knowing it. :)

This Jewelry Workshop with Laure in Brussels, Belgium,  is proposed to women only (cis and trans are all welcome).
No nudity, no uneasy question or situation, consent is key!
It is a moment of full respect on all sides where mutual trust is an absolute must.

Wish to feel safe before making any decision ?

Feel free to check Laure’s professional activities and « bijoux sensuels » and reach out to her if you have any questions.

About the host:

Laure Bouquery is a French life coach and sexologist living in (and in love with) Brussels, Belgium.

While researching tools to work on body acceptance, she started creating body jewels for herself. Her friends were also quickly convinced of their effect, and she decided to develop collections and customized workshops to help women reconcile with their body, under the project name of "sexOpepite".

After her breast cancer, she explored using those jewels either to enhance or to discretely cover scars or other life marks on our bodies.

"In my profession, the question of self-esteem and acceptance of one's body are central subjects. These are essential prerequisites for a fulfilling sexuality.

The primary purpose of this jewelry is not to please someone else, but to feel sexy under our clothes, whatever the shapes, age and marks of our body."
- Laure Bouquery

All You Need To Know for the Jewelry Workshop "Your Body Jewels" with Laure in Brussels, Belgium:

Length of workshop: 1.5 hours

Number of people: 1 - it is possible to come with a friend/partner (male or female), if it feels safer.

Language of workshop: French, English, Spanish

Location: At Laure’s atelier and consulting place in a traditional Brussels house, in Rue Josse Impens, Bruxelles (Schaerbeek), Belgium.

Price per person: € 124; includes the jewel made together, biscuits, tea or coffee, and a beautiful moment you will never forget!
In addition, 20% off vouchers on additional jewels bought onsite are offered to participants.

Minimum advance booking time: 5 days

Availability: Mondays from 11 to 12h30, and Fridays from 14h to 15h30, or on private request.

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