subcultalk with life coach and sexologist Laure Bouquery from Brussels, Belgium

For this episode of our subcultalks, we had the pleasure with Laure Bouquery.
Laure is a French life coach and sexologist living in (and in love with) Brussels, Belgium.

She is also the host of the Jewelry Workshop "Your Body Jewels", which take place at her atelier and consulting place in Bruxelles - Schaerbeek, Belgium.

Read her answers below!

- What’s the art you’re doing?

I create fantasy body jewels to help people boost their self-esteem.

- How did you find your way into your art?

When I discovered the existence of such jewels, I decided to make myself one of them. My friends loved the idea and wanted one too, so I decided to start creating them and selling them professionally.

- What is the reason why you keep doing your art?

I believe in the empowerment power of my jewels and the sparkle in the eye of my customers confirms this!
Additionally, I love creating new designs. This brings a creative and manual side to my main job, which is quite intellectual. ;-)

- What do you do when you feel stuck?

I switch activities!

- How do you deal with setbacks?

I consider them a part of life and that they show me what to try next. ;-)

- What is your personal highlight during your whole time working as an artist?

I create every jewel with intention. It's as if I put some sexy energy into every jewel and that energy is going to make people who wear them feel good.

- When do you feel most productive?

When I can create spontaneously!

- What inspires you most?

People who decide to change the way they look at their body and self to feel more aligned.

- Do you have a vision or a goal you're working towards?

Yes, I'd like to make people understand that we are all different and that all bodies are beautiful, because beauty is an attitude, not a matter of shapes.

- For you personally, what is a life well lived?

It's a life where I can make my own choices, with love and fun in it. ;-)

- What’s your favorite feeling?


- What’s the feeling you like the least? 


- What are you most afraid of?

Losing the people I love.

- When you can only listen to one song until the end of your life, which song would this be? 

Any nocturne by Chopin.

- Your favorite guilty pleasure?

A special Belgian beer on a sunny terrace ;-)

Thanks for your time to answer all of your questions, Laure!

If you got curious and want to meet Laure in real life and step in your own creative power, sign up for one of her upcoming Jewelry Workshops "Your Body Jewels" at her studio in Brussels, Belgium!

A la prochaine! :)

Your Kat and Team subcultours
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