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"Being in a box" Artwork by Daniel Da Cruz aka Malandro

"Being in a box" Artwork by Daniel Da Cruz aka Malandro

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"Being in a box"

"The idea is to show that no matter what boxes we find ourselves in, if a part of us does not agree with this box, we break the rules. This feminine silhouette shows that despite what society wants to instill in us, we will want to get out and show our discontent... but... in a noble way... talk to my butt the rest I don't listen," says artist Daniel Da Cruz aka Malandro.

The fact of finding the beauty and purity of drawing with simplicity, at a time when we seek to question ourselves, our lives, our goals, the one line is for me simple and meaningful and allows us to say that ultimately life doesn't have to be complicated.

Name: "Being in a box"

Material: Paper

Size: A4 (standard size)

Shipping fee: approximately € 10-20 with international shipping
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Shipping area: International

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Book a One-Line Drawing Workshop with Malandro in Geneva, Switzerland here

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