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Tile Painting Workshop "Porto Tiles and Tea" with Francisco in Porto, Portugal

Tile Painting Workshop "Porto Tiles and Tea" with Francisco in Porto, Portugal

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During Francisco's Tile Painting Workshop "Porto Tiles and Tea" in Porto, Portugal you have the opportunity to first learn some of the traditional tile painting techniques and then paint your own two tiles and integrate some of the original Portuguese motives.

You also learn more about the history of Portuguese tiles.

The tiles need to be cooked after every session and are ready for pick-up 24 hours after the Tile Painting Workshop. Please consider this with your further travel plans!

About the artist:

Francisco Pessegueiro is a Porto tile artist and the co-founder of Frágil Studio, based in Porto, Portugal.

He has been learning and working in ceramic studios all over Portugal. When he returned to Porto, he started focusing on workshops of "azulejos" and ceramics and ever since has been inviting people with all ages.

His intention is to spread the crafts and know-how before they are getting lost.

Watch our subcultalk with Francisco here

All You Need To Know for the Tile Painting Workshop "Porto Tiles and Tea" with Francisco in Porto, Portugal:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 1 - 8 people

Location: At Francisco's cosy ceramic studio in R. Pinheiro de Campanhã, in Porto, Portugal.

Price per person: € 49; includes 2 self-painted tiles; tea and cookies

A private 1-1 Porto Tiles and Tea Workshop with Francisco costs € 90. 

Minimum advance booking time: 2 days

Next workshops: Every weekday, 10.30-12.30h

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
An excellent learning experience!

As info, apparently there are a group of artists who are part of this artists workshop and our session was provided primarily by Onre and Francisco occasionally joined in. It was clear that Francisco is an excellent artistic trainer but our experience is that Onre is a superb trainer as well. They are both very knowledgeable, skilled and supportive for supporting the learning of others in this format. We learned a great deal about the history of tiles in Portugal supported with illustrations from books as well as examples of the tiles themselves. Onre was very receptive to questions and he welcomed comments and observations. Then we were invited to produce two tiles of our own preference from a selection of many different possibilities. Onre remained close at hand, providing guidance and support as needed. There was no "clock watching" and our workshop actually approached three hours long although it was scheduled for two hours. The instructors were clearly more focused on our learning, our experiences and our needs rather than on the clock. This was an excellent session, well worth the cost for the training. We had attended a different "tile painting" workshop the week before which had cost slightly less but in comparison this session proved to be a much more positive and enjoyable experience. We are now considering an additional session with these artisist to continue advancing our knowledge and skills in this amazing and artistically beautiful aspect of the Portuguese culture.

Danielle G
Great experience

We had a fantastic experience with Francisco. It was a very informative workshop and he provided us all the skills and knowledge we needed to create beautiful traditional tiles. The tea he served was delicious too. We are so happy with our tiles.


We had a great time learning about the history of tile making and how to obtain the best shape vary the color saturation. Having a small group made for a positive ambiance, and we appreciated the recommendations (and patience!) of the instructor.

Great experience !

We had an amazing time with Francesco at his workshop, his explanations were really detailed and interesting. Then, the activity was relaxing and fulfilling. The finish handmade piece of work is highly satisfying! We really recommend doing this activity if you have the opportunity, and Francisco is really nice !

Fun Tiles and Tea workshop

The class was fun and very educational! Francisco was very nice and helpful. The served tea was a great additional touch. You don't need to be artsy in order to attend as the steps are very well explained. Would love to come back once I visit Porto again.