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Porto Tiles and Tea Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

Porto Tiles and Tea Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

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Francisco Pessegueiro is a Porto tile artist and the co-founder of Frágil Studio, based in Porto. He has been learning and working in ceramic studios all over Portugal. When he returned to Porto, he started focusing on workshops of "azulejos" and ceramics and ever since has been inviting people with all ages. His intention is to spread the crafts and know-how before they are getting lost.

During his ✨Porto Tiles and Tea Workshop✨ you have the opportunity to first learn some of the traditional tile painting techniques and then paint your own two tiles and integrate some of the original Portuguese motives. You will also learn more about the history of Portuguese tiles.

The tiles need to be cooked after every session and are ready for pick-up 24 hours after the workshop. Please consider this with your further travel plans! If you cannot come and pick them up yourselves, the shipping prices are around 20€ to Europe and 30€ to the rest of the world per person.

Length of workshop: 2 hours; 10.30-12.30h
Number of people: 2 - 8 people
Location: At Francisco's cosy ceramic and arts co-working studio "Estúdio PLATA" near the market of Bolhão in the central part of Porto
Price per person: € 49; includes 2 self-painted tiles; tea and cookies
Minimum advance booking time: 2 days
Next workshops: Every weekday 

Watch our subcultalk with Francisco here

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