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The "101 Ceramics" Ceramic Basic Techniques Workshop - in Ericeira, Portugal

The "101 Ceramics" Ceramic Basic Techniques Workshop - in Ericeira, Portugal

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Chila is a young artist from Ericeira, Portugal. She loves working with ceramics and can explore her imagination through sculpture and painting techniques.

The artist gets her inspiration from nature. Over the last couple of years she has always been searching for clay in the nature around her. With this raw material, Chila can develop Portuguese stoneware and glazes.

During Chila's 101 Ceramics✨ Ceramic Basic Techniques Workshop you learn the basic ceramic techniques: 
Slab building, pinch pot and coil.
You get to touch clay in its raw form for the first time and you learn about its different stages of hardness and how to glue various pieces together. 

In the 3 hours-session you make 4 pieces guided by the artist. 
All the ceramic pieces take around 4 days to dry before they are fired and glazed. 
Please bear that in mind when you'd like to take your art pieces straight home with you. :)

Length of workshop: 3 hours
Number of people: 1 - 10 people
Location: At Chila's ceramic studio "Limoeiro" in Ericeira
Price per person: € 41, includes all material, local herbal tea, biscuits or home made cake
Minimum advance booking time: 3 days

Next workshops dates are:
Tuesdays at 10h-13h and 14h-17h
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10h-13h
Saturdays or weekday afternoons with minimum 1 week advance notice time.

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