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Botanical Painting Workshop "Create Your Own Natural Pigments" with Susana in Teruel, Spain

Botanical Painting Workshop "Create Your Own Natural Pigments" with Susana in Teruel, Spain

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Susana invites you to her Botanical Painting Workshop "Create Your Own Natural Pigments" in Teruel, Spain. 

Let yourself be surprised by the colors that nature gives us and all its possible ranges of colors!

Structure of the Botanical Painting Workshop "Create Your Own Natural Pigments" with Susana in Teruel, Spain:

1. Explanation of how the paints that Susana will bring, have been made and realization of some examples on site. 

Example of 3 pigments:

- Turmeric: Waxes, alcohol ink, and simple ink with guar gum.
- Cochineal: Waxes, alcohol ink, watercolor gum arabic.
- Walnut: Alcohol ink and watercolor.
Color modifying reagents: Oxide, bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, and sodium.

2. Creation of the watercolor in a handmade way from the pigment with a honey binder.

3. The idea is to let yourself be carried away by the imagination and creativity of each one to make a free work. Susana will take several samples made by herself as an example and guidance. The final result will be taken home by you!

Materials included:

- Waxes, alcohol-based inks, watercolors, guar gum, gum arabic.
- Reagents such as oxide, bicarbonate, calcium, and sodium carbonate.
- Brushes of different thicknesses and shapes, palettes, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, knurled, and glass to make a watercolor on-site.
- 2 A4 sheets per participant with high weight 300gr.
- Glasses, rags, tablecloths...

About the artist:

"I am Susana Pérez, a multidisciplinary artist and creator of my brand "Bruixa".
I experiment with natural colors and their tonal possibilities. 

I print fabrics made of natural fibers and handmade paper. I create pigments extracting color from plants, roots, clays, and rocks.

I like to play with colors and I am always in a continuous phase of learning and experimentation."

All You Need To Know For The Botanical Painting Workshop "Create Your Own Natural Pigments" with Susana in Teruel, Spain:

Duration of the workshop: 2.5 hours

Number of participants: 1 - 12 people 

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: You can choose between 2 different places where the workshops can be done, or at Your Own Location:

1. Can de la Flor: Under a model of solidarity and circular economy, Can de la Flor, a small worker cooperative, is located in a historic place in Valderrobres, capital of the Matarraña region.

On the ground floor, the shop is dedicated to second-hand clothes and accessories, and creations by local women artists. On the first floor is the workshop “Las Renardas”, a place to share artistic knowledge and crafts related to textile creation and related.

A 60 square meters space, equipped with everything you need to work, learn and share in a friendly, welcoming and collaborative environment.Located in the old town, easily accessible and close to other points of interest.

2. Casa Filou: In Belmonte de San José, this artistic retreat is nestled in the heart of nature, featuring a spacious atelier and numerous outdoor areas. The property boasts multiple terraces, both with and without porches, offering stunning views of the countryside. The house includes five bedrooms with individual bathrooms and several common areas, including a well-equipped kitchen and chill-out spaces. If, in addition to participating in the Textile Dyeing Workshop, you would like to spend a few nights at Filou, please let us know.

Price per person: From 1 - 5 people € 85 per person; from 6 people and more 72 € per person; includes all materials and tools, drinks and snacks.

Minimum advance notice time: 1 month

Next workshop dates: Flexible on demand

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