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Drawing Workshop "Team Energy Drawing" for Teambuilding Events with Anne in Hamburg, Germany

Drawing Workshop "Team Energy Drawing" for Teambuilding Events with Anne in Hamburg, Germany

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Connect and inspire your team with this shared art ritual and Team Energy Drawing Workshop in Hamburg, Germany, as creativity mentor and artist Anne Pflug is guiding you!


This creative team building event is designed to activate core processes of New Work and:

  • spark deeper levels of connection & and commitment among your members

  • allow for colleagues to see each other as whole personalities beyond their roles

  • open new channels for empathy, shared values & and visions for focused innovative communication


Step 1: Sketching Out The Energy Drawing Motto – each member begins on a

separate drawing board with a guided warm-up and then feeling out their own

perspective on the pre-defined motto by drawing freely.

Step 2: Sharing Is Caring – Each Member shares their individual aha-moments

and revelations from Step 1.

Step 3: Joining Big Forces – together now the team draws on a shared paper,

joining their their unique approaches into one artwork made out of

irreplaceable elements composed together. The art piece is then curated and

installed within the team workspace as a daily reminder of their shared energy.

About the artist:

Anne is a fine art painter, creative leadership expert, artistic mindset mentor, meditative dreamer & yoga enthusiast dedicated to helping you unleash your vision. 

All You Need To Know for the Team Energy Drawing Workshop with Anne in Hamburg, Germany:

Length of workshop: 2.5 hours

Number of people: 3 - 20 people
(At Your Location: 3 - 24 people)

Location: At Anne's art studio, or At Your Location in Hamburg, Germany.

Price per person: € 78; includes all art materials; drinks and small snacks.

If you have intolerances or special preferences, you are welcome to bring everything you need to feel good!

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshop dates: Flexible, on request

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