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Tattoo Workshop "From Illustration to Tattoo, Methods, and Techniques for Beginners" with Daiena in Lisbon, Portugal

Tattoo Workshop "From Illustration to Tattoo, Methods, and Techniques for Beginners" with Daiena in Lisbon, Portugal

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Daiena Dâmaso invites you to learn how to turn your drawings into tattoos in her Tattoo Workshop "From Illustration to Tattoo – Fine Line Methods, and Techniques for Beginners".

In this Tattoo Workshop you will have the opportunity to visit the artist's studio, learn the basics of tattooing, and get a tattoo on your skin. 

To start, let's talk about our personal inspirations, savoring a coffee or tea, and then create a small drawing (5/5cm) that reveals one of them. 

Right away we will learn the basic principles of tattooing. What do you need to buy to start drawing on skin? The fundamental rules of hygiene and safety. How to transfer a drawing to the skin? How to adapt a design for tattooing?

We will rehearse your drawing on a banana or orange skin until lunch time. At home we don't have a fixed menu but we have the privilege of using the seasonal vegetables that my father grows in his garden. 

To finish on a high note, let’s get tattooed!
If you are confident you can tattoo your own skin, if not, you can watch me tattooing your skin and take the opportunity to clear up any doubts.

About the artist:

Daiena Dâmaso studied at the Fine Arts University in Lisbon. When it comes to arts and design, she has done a bit of everything, from mural painting to sculptures (using reused water bottles). However, it is in children's books that she finds her greatest passion.

Dai, as she likes to be called, created her personal brand in 2015.
These days she illustrates the world in her cozy studio in Lisbon.

Tattoos have always inspired her and are now another tool to immortalize her features, this time on her skin.

During the pandemic she was a teacher in public schools and since then sharing knowledge has become an integral part of her work.

Despite living in one of the city's most emblematic neighborhoods, her heart belongs to the wild sea of Alentejo, in Portugal, where she takes refuge whenever she can. 

All You Need To Know For The Tattoo Workshop "From Illustration to Tattoo, Methods, and Techniques for Beginners" with Daiena in Lisbon, Portugal:

Length of workshop: 6 hours, excluding the lunch break - From 10 to 17h

Number of people: 1 - 2 people

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English

Location: At the artist’s tattoo studio in Rua Rosa Damasceno, 1900/396 Lisbon, Portugal;
For Online Session, please send us a request (different dynamic, lower price)

Price per person: € 340 for a private 1-1 session; for 2 people € 260 per person;
includes all materials, Water, Coffee, Tea (from Daiena’s grandma), Fresh fruit, Lunch - Please let us know beforehand if you have any restrictions.

Minimum advance booking time: 1 week

Next workshop dates: On request on Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday - every other week.

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