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Tape Art Workshop with Toni in Berlin, Germany

Tape Art Workshop with Toni in Berlin, Germany

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Having fun in the process of creating art is the most valuable thing to tape artist Toni.  

When doing workshops and social projects, Toni sparks that joy on to her surroundings by creating a space and atmosphere that gives participants as much freedom as possible for their artistic expression. 

Tape art works intuitively and therefore is a perfect way to experiment and try out new ways of creating. Working with tape has the advantage that steps can be undone. 

This takes away the fear of making mistakes and encourages creativity. The basic techniques are easy to learn and the possibilities are still almost limitless.

Toni finds it fascinating to see how participants often develop new approaches to tape art that she hasn‘t seen or thought of before.

About the artist:

"I am a Berlin-based artist mainly working with adhesive materials. 

My works include free artworks, site-specific installations, interior concepts, and sculptures, which can be found in Hamburg, London and Berlin. 

To create something just as much physically as mentally, the possibility to reshape my surroundings and how it is perceived by others, fascinates me about art.

My creative process is strongly influenced by the media specific use of adhesive materials. I experiment with tape and question its basic characteristics.

In my artistic approach I like to track down borders and crossing them. This characteristic is mirrored in my artworks and installations by breaking through the frame and the extension into the room. 

Therefore, my works often stretch over ceilings, walls and the ground. Those viewing are invited to explore the artwork from various perspectives."

All You Need To Know For The Tape Art Workshop with Toni in Berlin, Germany:

Length of workshop: Between 2 - 9 hours 

Number of people: Flexible

Languages: English, German
If there was a language barrier between the artist and individual participants, this was never a problem in the past and could always be resolved with hands, feet, and empathy. :)

Location: At Your Location (Office, Private Home, Rented Space) in Germany.

Price per person: The workshop costs are made up of two factors:

1. Material and tool costs p.p.

≤ 10 participants: € 50 per person
> 10 participants: € 30 per person 

The material costs include fabric ribbons in many different colors and widths, as well as wooden panels in various formats, and the provision of tools for each participant.

2. Artist's fee (regardless of the number of participants)

≤ 4 hours € 650 
≥ 5 to 9 hours € 1170 

Travel and catering costs apply for workshops outside Berlin.

Individual requests (specific color or ribbon selection, prior conception, digital designs, etc.) can be considered on request.

Minimum advance notice time: Ideally 3 weeks; if the artist's availability allows, 2 days.

Next workshop dates: On request.

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