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Songwriting and Singing Workshop with Judith in Cologne, Germany

Songwriting and Singing Workshop with Judith in Cologne, Germany

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Judith Simon is a singer and songwriter from Cologne. 

During her Songwriting and Singing Workshop Cologne, Germany she wants to get into her two passions with you:

Singing and improvising melodies on the one hand, and writing lyrics on the other hand.

Writing your own song and singing it, is revealing your inner self and your true authentic feelings, showing a part of yourself and telling a story. 
You got that little idea for a lyric in your mind? 

You have a melodically idea but don't know how to make a song out of it? 

Together with musician Judith you are going to figure that out.

This workshop is a combination of singing together, improvising melodies, writing lyrics and working out your own song ideas.

All You Need To Know for the Songwriting and Singing Workshop with Judith in Cologne, Germany:

Length of workshop: 1 - 3 hours, depending on preference

Number of people: 1 to 8 people

Location: At Judith’s studio in Cologne, Germany, or At Your Location, or Online.

Price per person: € 85 per hour; includes all music equipment, coffee, tea, vegan banana bread, cookies.

Minimum advance booking time: 1 month

Next workshops: Usually on Monday evenings, or on request by email or phone.
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