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Screen Printing Workshop for Beginners with Aprille in Tarxien, Malta

Screen Printing Workshop for Beginners with Aprille in Tarxien, Malta

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Discover the Art of Screen Printing and create your own edition of 8 prints. Perfect for those of you who are new to screen printing!

Screen Printing Workshops are a unique and immersive experience which take place at her vibrant studio in Malta. Whether you’re a budding artist, a curious beginner, or simply looking for a new, creative outlet, her workshops are designed to ignite your passion for screen printing and guide you through the magical process of turning your ideas into tangible art.

What You Will Learn during the Screen Printing Workshop for Beginners with Aprille in Tarxien, Malta:

  • Basics of Screen Printing: Understand the fundamental concepts and techniques.
  • Design Creation: Learn how to design and prepare your screen printing stencils.
  • Printing: Learn the process of printing an edition.

Special Focus:

  • Mindfulness and Creativity: Aprille's Screen Printing Workshops emphasize the therapeutic aspects of screen printing. It’s a chance to unwind, disconnect from digital distractions, and immerse yourself in the creative process.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: You gonna use water-based inks and environmentally friendly materials, aligning with Aprille's commitment to sustainability.

Why Choose Aprille's Screen Printing Workshop for Beginners at her studio in Tarxien, Malta?

- Expert Guidance

- Small Group Settings

- Hands-On Experience

- Creative Exploration

- All Materials Provided

- A Unique Experience for locals and tourists

Join Aprille's Screen Printing Workshop in Malta, create stunning designs with your own hands, connect with like-minded individuals, share stories, and become part of Malta’s thriving artistic community!

About the artist:

Aprille discovered her passion for screen printing a decade ago. She loves the hands-on control over her designs and the tactile experience of working with inks.

After returning to Malta, she realized there were no communal print shops available. Undeterred, she spent two years creating her own screen printing studio.

For the past three years, Aprille has been sharing her enthusiasm for screen printing by hosting workshops in Malta.

All You Need To Know For The Screen Printing Workshop for Beginners with Aprille in Tarxien, Malta:

Length of workshop: 4 hours

Number of people: 2 - 4 people

Languages: English

Location: At the artist’s studio in Triq Kent Ħal, Tarxien FRG 1555, Malta

Price per person: € 114; includes all materials, coffee, tea, snacks.

Minimum advance booking time: 1 week

Next workshop dates:

  • Friday afternoon/evenings 4-8pm, and 
  • Saturday mornings 10am-2pm
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