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Pottery Workshop - on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal

Pottery Workshop - on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal

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Marina Mendonça decided to trade her home in Lisbon for the easternmost island of the Azores Archipelago, Santa Maria. She moved into an old family house where she found enough space to set up her ceramic atelier. 

Marina's work is strongly inspired by the sea and nature. Through her work with clay, small characters from the stories and legends of the Archipelagos emerge. The so-called stories of the "Imaginary of the Sea".

Marina's ✨Pottery Workshop✨ starts with a brief introduction to the history of ceramics on the island.
Afterwards, you get to know three different techniques that are most commonly used while working with clay. And then you have all the knowledge to start creating your own "little monster" and other utilitarian ceramic pieces. 
At the end of the workshop, you receive a surprise souvenir made by the artist herself! :)

Note: Since all ceramics need time to dry, you can ask Marina to send your finished art pieces to your home address for an additional cost.

Length of workshop: 3-4 hours
Number of people: 2-4 people
Location: At the artist's studio, in the village Santa Bárbara, on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal
Price per person: € 81, includes artisan cookies, homemade bread, vegan options, tea or local craft beer
Minimum advance booking time: 5 days
Next workshops dates are: Monday to Friday from 3-6 pm in May, June, July, August and September.

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