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Portrait or Documental Photography Workshop with Pedro in Lisbon, Portugal

Portrait or Documental Photography Workshop with Pedro in Lisbon, Portugal

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Meet artist and photographer Pedro at his studio in Lisbon, learn about his journey to become a professional photographer and get to know the basic skills of either Portrait or Documental photography during his 4-hour Photography Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal.

Option 1 - Portrait Photography Workshop in Lisbon:

During Pedro's Portrait Photography Workshop you get to know little details on how to take the best of light and people. If you want the best portrait of someone, ask their best friends if they see the person they know in your image.

Option 2 - Documental Photography in Lisbon:

During Pedro's Documental Photography Workshop you get to know what you photograph, listen and see and make a story out of it that can be told with a few words.

You learn some simple tips on how to make a good story from a subject and put all your heart in the making of each image.

All You Need To Know for the Portrait or Documental Photography Workshop with Pedro in Lisbon, Portugal:

Length of workshop: 4 hours

Number of people: 10-12 people

Location: At Pedro's studio and in Lisbon's streets and surroundings such as coffee and agricultural landscapes. To be determined before workshop takes place. In Lisbon, Portugal.

Price per person: €92; includes water, tea, some natural and local snacks from local shops in Lisbon.

Minimum advance booking time: 8 days

Next workshops: Once per month.

To see more of Pedro's work, check his Instagram or Facebook page.

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