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Painting Workshop "Painting On Ceramics" with Rosi in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Painting Workshop "Painting On Ceramics" with Rosi in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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In Rosi’s Painting Workshop "Painting On Ceramics" in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you are invited to paint a ceramic plate, like the ones you see on the images.

You will learn the third-class decorative technique on ceramics or porcelain.

To begin, artist Rosi will provide you with some images that will have to do with works of art so that you can capture them on the plate.

At the end of the Painting On Ceramics Workshop, you will have a plate ready to pick up in 48 hours. It can be taken as a souvenir and used either decoratively or as a utilitarian piece.

Taking a piece of ceramics, turning it into a piece of art and learning a new technique is what Rosi wants to offer you during your time with her.

About the artist:
Movement, clothes, and bodies are the artist’s main interests.

Rosi has an extensive background in art-related studies. She did a drawing workshop with Martín Palottini and several work residencies with artists such as Sergio Bazan, Ernesto Ballesteros, Horacio Zabala and in the 'Arte x Arte' gallery.

Rosi studied contemporary and classical dance. She received the "Cazadores" scholarship where she fused visual arts and dance. Later, she was introduced to the world of ceramics and the arts of the third fire.
Rosi was taught ceramics and copper, ceramic and glass painting. 

In 2020, she began experimenting with hand poke, the manual tattoo technique.
Her designs are mainly linear and she allows the quick stroke gesture she makes when she draws to stand out, this detail being characteristic of her style.

She is currently seeking to represent movement through relevant female figures in the history of dance. She uses her designs as prints on clothing and on the skin, generating a union of two different ways of decorating the body.

All You Need To Know for the Painting Workshop "Painting On Ceramics" with Rosi in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Length of workshop: 3 hours

Number of people: 3 - 6 people

Location: At Rosi’s home and studio in Recoleta neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Price per person: € 180; includes all materials, tea, juice, mate, sandwiches, croissants.

Minimum advance booking time: 5 days

Next workshop dates: Every Saturday

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