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Painting Workshop "Express Your Inner Emotions With Colorful Lights" with Julia Sophia in Erfurt, Germany

Painting Workshop "Express Your Inner Emotions With Colorful Lights" with Julia Sophia in Erfurt, Germany

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Whether abstract or figurative, pasty or delicate.
Whether with brush or palette knife, let your creativity guide you.
The focus of Julia Sophia's Painting Workshop at her art studio in Erfurt, Germany, is on trying out new techniques and materials!

We live in such fast-moving times, in which the digital world determines our being, that we often neglect the core of our happiness. The focus is therefore primarily on allowing calm and patience to take hold and creating something of our own from within.

To trigger the fascination of what you can create with your own hands. This is the only way to ensure an equal and fairer creative exchange.

Painting at Julia Sophia's Gallery and Studio in Erfurt, Germany

Julia Sophia's Acrylic Painting Workshop at her studio in Erfurt, Germany, begins with an exchange about inner emotions and feelings, things that are currently on your mind or that you want to express.

Then there is an introduction to color and material theory, followed by a three-hour painting session accompanied by music.

You also have a break in between for a snack and can review your progress over a coffee and Thuringian delicacies.

About the location: 

Since 2019, Julia Sophia has been offering her Reservoir studio in Erfurt, Germany, as a "meeting place".

In addition to being used as an open creative space for art lovers, she has been hosting cultural evenings in the neighborhood with concerts, workshops and inspiration.

She also uses her art studio as a meeting place for respectful interaction and exchange between different cultures in the city.

About the artist: 

The artist Julia Sophia Neundorf has been working in Erfurt, the green heart of Germany, for more than 10 years now.

Very early as a child, she began to paint her first drawings on her plaster after a serious accident. With her related near-death experience during the accident, a sensitive and spiritual search for the true beauty of life began.
Thus she found in art her surface, and her own personal greatest means of expression, for this early deep and profound memory.

After she was able to walk again, she never stopped being creative and quickly developed her greatest passion, painting. She became a sculptor in 2013, and subsequently began studying art and literature.

All You Need To Know for the Painting Workshop "Express Your Inner Emotions With Colorful Lights" with Julia Sophia in Erfurt, Germany:

Length of workshop: 3 hours

Number of people: 2 - 5 people - all age groups welcome!

Location: At the studio and art gallery of Julia Sophia Neundorf in Augustinerstraße, 99084 Erfurt.

Price per person: 90 € including all materials:

1 painting created by you on canvas or paper / sizes vary from 30x40 - 40x60;
and 1 A4 painting created by artist Julia Sophia as a gift;
coffee, water, Thuringian jam and honey bread, Thuringian sour cream, poppy seed cake, and fruit.

Minimum advance booking time: 5 days

Next workshop dates: See calendar, every Sunday 10-17h, and on private request.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful experience

We had a truly wonderful experience at Julia Sophia’s workshop. We felt it was a safe and beautiful space where emotions and creativity could flow naturally. It’s funny because I’ve never been particularly good at painting but I quickly realised this was not the point. Totally recommended.

Wonderful evening full of creativity

I attended a workshop at Julia’s Studio in Erfurt with a friend of mine. I was really excited and a bit nervous cause I just had a little experience in painting. But Julia’s calm , openminded and supportive way of being invited me to put my inner feelings on canvas without fear of blaming.

It was really relaxed and productive at the same time. I can highly recommend Julia’s workshop to beginners as well as advanced painters.