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Ocean Keychain Macramé Workshop with Cláudia in Porto, Portugal

Ocean Keychain Macramé Workshop with Cláudia in Porto, Portugal

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Macramé is an ancient art brought to Portugal by the Arabs in the 7th century. Inspired by this ancient art, certified Macramé artisan Cláudia loves to share the knowledge she has been acquiring since she started her journey and the creation of her own Macramé brand „KlauCrafts“.

During Cláudia’s “Ocean Keychain Macramé Workshop“, you learn the basic knots of handcrafted Macramé using 100% Portuguese nautical thread. You gonna make a Macramé keychain which you can use everywhere. You can choose a fish or a boat as design. It is an accessory crafted with your own energy and therefore very special.

You work with your fingers: The threads are crossed and are trapped by knots making several beautiful patterns. The breath finds its rhythm and you gonna smile, relax and connect to your mindful practice and creativity.

Cláudia's atelier is very bright, has a view of nature and is quiet. The entire space is energized with plants and natural elements. While you create your unique Macramé piece of art, you can help yourself with homemade oatmeal muffins accompanied by tea, coffee or beer.

Length of workshop: 3 hours
Number of people: 2 - 8 people
Location: At Cláudia’s home and atelier in Vila Nova de Gaia (10 minutes from the beaches of Gaia); or at your location
Price per person: € 30; includes all materials and lemonade, tea, coffee or beer, muffins made by Cláudia with oat flour and cocoa
Minimum advance booking time: 24 hours
Next workshop dates: On demand

To see and buy some of artist Cláudia's macramé artwork, check our subculstore here.

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