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Miniature Sculpture Crafting Workshop "Unleash Your Imagination" with Larin in Engen, Bodensee, Germany

Miniature Sculpture Crafting Workshop "Unleash Your Imagination" with Larin in Engen, Bodensee, Germany

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During Larin’s Miniature Sculpture Crafting Workshop "Unleash Your Imagination" in Engen, Bodensee, Germany, you get introduced to polymer clay, air dry clay, wood and fabric to create your miniature sculpture.

You can create the item of your wish and imagination, use it as a keychain or just a charm to use as your office or table decor. You can also create a more common piece such as a mini couch with wood and fabric to give you a first idea of what is possible. :)

About the artist:

Larin is a 32-years old Lebanese-Armenian artist.
Born and raised in Lebanon, she has studied accounting and worked in this field for 10 years. Throughout those years, she has worked with several companies, but she never lasted more than 2 years in any of them.

She always felt dissatisfied and yearned for something different. In 2019, depression struck her. She decided to quit her job to take a short break. Unfortunately, Lebanon's economic crisis and the pandemic hit, leaving her jobless, penniless, and bored. That’s when her journey with miniature art, and art in general, began. 

It's magical how creating tiny things helped her overcome enormous disasters. It helped her find her inner peace. Initially, she started creating home decor using whatever came to her mind: Recycled clothes, wood, bottles, popsicle sticks.. Through her research and curiosity, she stumbled upon polymer clay and the miniature world. 

From that moment on, she never looked back. She dedicated countless hours to studying miniature art, learning various techniques, and perfecting her craftsmanship.

Through trial and error, she discovered new ways to bring her imagination and the imaginations of others to life on a small scale, creating charms, photo holders, key chains, earrings and scenes. This is the short version of Larin’s story.

Read our subcultalk with Larin here.

All You Need To Know for the Miniature Sculpture Crafting Workshop "Unleash Your Imagination" with Larin in Engen, Bodensee, Germany:

Length of workshop: 3 hours

Number of people: 1 - 5 people

Location: At Larin’s home and studio in Engen, at the Lake Constance (Bodensee), in Germany, or At Your Location. 

Price per person: € 65; includes all materials, salty and sweet snacks from Larin’s country heritage, tea, coffee, wine or beer.

Minimum advance booking time: 1 week

Next workshop dates: Once per week on demand.
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Customer Reviews

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Tiny wonders

Larin is an absolute rockstar! Seriously, her talent is off the charts! She has this amazing ability to create these tiny masterpieces that will blow your mind.

A hospitable and talented delight!!

Larin's Miniature Art Workshop was an absolute delight! Larin, the talented artist and workshop facilitator, was incredibly hospitable and showcased remarkable talent. The workshop offered a personalized and hands-on experience, allowing participants to explore the intricate world of miniatures with expert guidance. With top-notch materials, a warm environment, and Larin's guidance, this workshop was an unforgettable and highly recommended artistic journey.


Wow wow

Larin’s workshop

Such a friendly and heartwarming atmosphere with Larin.
Great knowledge and amazing ideas shine from her.
Talented with such detailed miniatures.
Highly recommended for step by step improvements in the art and mini sculptures spectrum!

Larin's workshop

May your new business prosper and deliver well.Gongratulations to you for achieving one of milestones of your life.