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Melodic Masterpieces Music Workshop "Create Outstanding Compositions & Beats" with Alexander in Berlin, Germany

Melodic Masterpieces Music Workshop "Create Outstanding Compositions & Beats" with Alexander in Berlin, Germany

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During Alexander's Music Workshop "Create Outstanding Compositions & Beats" in Berlin, Germany, you learn how to create you own unique samples and loops by being creative and thinking outside the box.

The Music Workshop starts with a warm welcome, intro and insights into the life of a music producer by Alexander.

During the next 30 minutes you learn about the basics and how to create a so-called sample, loop and composition from scratch.

The beats are recorded with guitar, bass or e-piano (with midi keyboard) and then edited in Ableton Live.

During the main part of the Melodic Masterpieces Music Workshop in Berlin you use the sample you just created and build a beat from it for the next half hour.

After a short break, your beats are then analyzed and "judged" and the "winner" receives a previously released sample pack from Alexander as well as a plug-in from UJAM.

At the end you can exchange ideas with your fellows, network and ask for further individual feedback from Alexander. 

About the artist:

Alexander Steiner, also known as Rudenote, is a musician who has lived and loved music since his youth. He started playing the guitar at the age of 17 and has continued to develop his passion for music.

He taught himself piano, bass and drums. After a few years he gained his first experience in music production and was immediately fascinated by it.

His vision is to leave a lasting impact on the world. Not only does he want to create unique and timeless music, but he also wants to help aspiring producers and artists become even better so they can live their dream.

Alexander aka Rudenote strives to build a legacy and enrich the music scene. With his expertise and support, he aims to help others reach their full potential and achieve their creative goals - a dream - not just a dream come true.

All You Need To Know for the Melodic Masterpieces Music Workshop "Create Outstanding Compositions & Beats" with Alexander in Berlin, Germany:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 1 - 50 people

Location: At the artist’s home studio in Alte Schönhauser Straße (up to 10 people max.) or
At the theatre "Verlängertes Wohnzimmer" in Frankfurter Allee (up to 50 people max.)
or At Your Location or Online.

Price per person: € 49; includes basic drinks such as water, soft drinks, alcohol and Fingerfood.
A 1-1 session with Alexander is € 104.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshop dates: Monday to Friday, Time flexible on request.

To listen to more of Rudenote's music, check his Youtube channel.

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Customer Reviews

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Antje Hartmann

Ich bin total begeistert, das er gleich eine passende Melodie für mein viertelfertigen Song gefunden hat. Selbst mein Text ist noch ein Rohling, aber ich merkte sofort, dass Alexander in seinem Element war. Mir hat es Spaß gemacht, was dabei entstanden ist und wie dieser Prozess abläuft. Sehr cool und gutes Input. Kann ich wirklich empfehlen.