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Making Your Electronic Music Dance Track with Ableton Workshop - in Berlin, Germany

Making Your Electronic Music Dance Track with Ableton Workshop - in Berlin, Germany

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Bilincka is an independent musician, music producer and DJ who has performed in various clubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin and London. She graduated from the Dresden Academy of Music with a postgraduate degree in composition. Her works include video art, light-sound-spacial installations and more.

Her works have been published by DEGEM (Deutsche Gesellschaft for Elektroakustische Musik) and have been exhibited at various festivals such as the Beethoven Festival, the Southwest German Radio Experimental Electronic Music Festival, the "MehrLicht" Festival in Berlin and the German Computer Festival.

Bilincka has extensive teaching experience. She is currently a sound design teacher at the NetEase School of Electronic Music, which is based in Berlin.

To see more of her work, check her Website and her Soundcloud.

And now to her "Making Your Electronic Music Dance Track with Ableton Workshops":

Have you been curious for a long time how electronic dance music is actually made?
Do you want to have a demo of your own techno music after the Berlin bounce?
Do you want to know what software and hardware most musicians use to make cool sounds in electronic music and perform them a bit?
If you've read so far and can't wait to get started, then this workshop is for you.

"Wait. But I don't have any experience."

Don't worry! You don't need it! This workshop is designed for beginners to learn the basics of electro music.

During 2 hours, artist and music producer Jiayi Wu aka Bilincka helps you create your own music. You experience producing, arranging, processing and simply performing an electronic dance track in Bilincka's studio using Ableton Live, the most popular music production software, and his hardware Push. Explore making your own drums, bassline and have great fun changing the sound with virtual synths and effects.

At the end of the workshop, you focus on the genres Techno and House and the artist will edit your Track afterwards and send it to you as a gift.

Let's drop your first beat! :)

Length of workshop: 2 hours
Number of people: 1 - 2 people
Location: At the artist’s home and music studio
Price per person: € 87; includes all equipment, sparkling and still water, Club Mate, snacks with vegan options
Minimum advance booking time: 7 days
Next workshops: Every weekend and every weekday after 6pm 

To see Jiayi's subcultalk, click here

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