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"Lyrics & Melodies" Songwriting Workshop in Berlin, Germany

"Lyrics & Melodies" Songwriting Workshop in Berlin, Germany

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Maura is a Berlin-based singer, rapper and songwriter. In her "Lyrics & Melodies" Songwriting Workshop you dedicate yourself to writing lyrics with a good dose of finesse! This is about creating texts that shine in their diversity - be it through storytelling, poetry, political issues, or just texts that bring a smile to your face.

The focus is less on the "what" you write and more on the "how". You will also see Maura's approach to writing melodies and try out the tools directly. Beyond writing lyrics and melodies, you will also ever deal with the doubts and fears that come with it as needed.

Making music can be very competitive and this in turn affects our creativity. Artist Maura's musical journey has (like any journey) been marked by detours, challenges and uncertainties. She likes her personal experiences share with you. You can also address the topic of "being a woman" in the music business, but the workshops are open to everyone, regardless of gender.

Maura has been allowed to play at well-known festivals and clubs in her career so far. Two years ago she released her first LP ("Grimus") through a label and played for hip hop greats like Illa J, Sa-Roc, Dynasty and Sammus Support. She is an active part of the Berlin HipHop, RnB and Jazz scene.

Maura looks forward to sharing this experience with you and diving into writing lyrics and melodies together!

Duration of the workshop: 3 hours
Number of people: 2 - 5 people
Location: At Maura's home studio in Letteallee, Berlin-Reinickendorf, a bright room with a cozy atmosphere.
Languages: German, English
Price per person: € 78; including vegan snacks, tea and water.
A private 1-1 songwriting workshop of this kind for 3 hours: € 156
Minimum advance booking time: 7 days
Next workshop dates: Daily, 3-6 p.m.

To see and listen to more of Maura's music, check her Instagram and her

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