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Illustrating Fantastic Creatures Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

Illustrating Fantastic Creatures Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

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Beatriz Bagulho is an illustrator and animator from Lisbon. Communicating through drawing and animation, she translates concepts, stories and observations into visual universes. 

In a constant search for how to exteriorize her conscious and subconscious thoughts, the Portuguese artist is dedicated to a great variety of disciplines: scenography, editorial design and illustration, drawing exhibitions, graphic design and animation cinema. Beatriz studied Animation at the University of the West of England. Her two short films have been presented and awarded at various international film festivals.

During Beatriz’ "llustrating Fantastic Creatures Workshop" you learn how to create fantastic, surreal creatures and imagine where they live. Starting with a character safari and visual research, then moving onto sketches, and finally drawing and painting on paper, you get a sense of the artist’s creative process and, in the end, have a magical illustration to decorate your home. Beatriz teaches you some character design concepts and illustration tricks, how to get inspired by the world around us, imagine other fantastic universes and enrich your life with illustration.

Length of workshop: 3.5 hours
Number of people: 5 - 10 people
Location: At the artist’s studio in Chiado, Lisbon, or Online.
Price per person: € 52; includes all materials; water, tea, coffee and cookies.
Minimum advance booking time: 2 weeks
Next workshop dates are: On Weekends

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