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Lisbon Life postcards Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Life postcards Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

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Nicolae Negură is a Romanian artist and illustrator that decided to make out of Lisbon, Portugal, his home and his source of inspiration for the past few years. His work is a combination of strong and garish colors and a rough ink trace that resembles vintage comics. Keeping always the same expression, his illustrations and mural paintings speak about people and the different experiences of the human kind, from banal stories of daily life to dreams and wannabe superheroes as symbols of our consumerism.

During Nicolae’s ✨Lisbon Life postcards✨ subcultours you can create your own unconventional postcards, inspired by Lisbon’s daily life and landscapes. The workshops take place at Nicolaes’s private home that is also his studio and workspace.

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 1-4 people

Location: At Nicolae’s home and studio in Lisbon
Price per person: € 58 - includes self-created postcards, snacks and drinks
Minimum advance booking time: 14 days

Next workshop: Every Friday, 4pm - 6pm

Watch our subcultalk with Nicolae here

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