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Gallery Walk and Creative Atelier Session with Anne in Berlin, Germany

Gallery Walk and Creative Atelier Session with Anne in Berlin, Germany

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During Anne's Gallery Walk and Creative Atelier Sessions in Berlin, you explore some interesting hidden gallery gems in Anne’s neighborhood Schöneberg.

In the second part, you enter Anne’s beautiful and unique creative cosmos on an upper floor of a sex shop building with an amazing view on Berlin.

You can dive into the world of oil painting, acrylic markers and collage artwork and create your very own piece of art. Alternatively, you can also just relax, learn more about Anne’s journey and work and relax with some delicious coffee, wine and snacks. 

About the artist:

Anne Bengard is a self taught painter who got strongly influenced by 90’s anime and old master paintings and pop surrealism.

She studied Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. In her late teens she began working for London’s 
Torture Garden, the worlds largest fetish club. Fetish club etiquette formed her ethos of consent, respect and tolerance which now forms the basis of her work.

In 2014, Anne left London for Thailand to train as a free diver to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a mermaid. Unable to grow gills and fins to complete her mermaid transformation, she decided to relocate to Berlin to focus on developing her painting practice.

Anne’s work deals with issues around connection, intimacy and fetishisation, understanding the term "fetish" in the context of behavior, devotion, obsession and consumption. Often borderline voyeuristic, her visual language uses polarities to explore social norms, stereotypes and aims to create a sense of tension and sensuality.

All You Need To Know for the Gallery Walk and Creative Atelier Session with Anne in Berlin, Germany:

Length of workshop: 3 hours 

Number of people: 3-8 people

Location: At her atelier in a sex shop building in Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany.

Price per person: € 91 - includes all materials, coffee, wine and snacks. (for 1-1 or 1-2 session € 125 per person)

Minimum advance booking time: 10 days

Next workshop dates: Thursdays and Saturdays 13-16h, or on request.
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