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"Freedom is no fear" Singing Technique Workshop in Berlin, Germany

"Freedom is no fear" Singing Technique Workshop in Berlin, Germany

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Maura is a singer, rapper and songwriter in the fields of hip hop, jazz and soul.
Although we often think of "freeing ourselves", of self-confidence and fun when we think of singing, for a variety of reasons singing can also come with a lot of fear or associated with discomfort.

Maura hardly knows any singers who are free from insecurities when it comes to their own voice. The fatal thing about it is that fear has an effect on our breathing technique and the muscles in our throat and chest, which we need to have especially when singing under "relaxed" controls.

In her "Freedom is no fear" Singing Technique Workshop she wants to help you to take on this fear and deal with it openly. You look at different tools, from vocal technique to performance approaches, that enable you to let go of fear.

Artist Maura found that it can be a very empowering experience to openly share insecurities with other singers and to sing in such a context. Music can be a very competitive environment in which it is important not to show insecurities. This often ends in a feeling of isolation as you feel alone with your fears and self-doubt.

Her "Freedom is no fear" Singing Technique Workshop has elements of a master class. You will bring a song that will be sung to the group (cover or own composition). Then you take on the breathing and technique and practice certain passages of the song together. Maura can tell you from her time at a singing institute - if you manage to audition in a room full of singers, you can do every performance in front of a "normal crowd" more than confidently.

Her Singing Technique Workshop is intended for semi-professional singers. So you should already have some experience in singing, whether you're self-taught or with lessons, it doesn't matter.

Maura has been allowed to play at well-known festivals and clubs in her career so far. Two years ago she released her first LP ("Grimus") through a label and played for hip hop greats like Illa J, Sa-Roc, Dynasty and Sammus Support. She is an active part of the Berlin HipHop, RnB and Jazz scene.

Maura is really looking forward to seeing you and to a common workshop from which you will all leave strengthened and motivated!

Length of workshop: 7 hours
Number of people: 3 - 5 people
Location: At Maura’s home music studio in Letteallee, Berlin-Reinickendorf, which is a bright room with a cosy ambiance. Languages: German, English
Price per person: € 130; includes lunch break with vegan snacks from 14.15-15h, tea and water.
A private 1-1 Singing Workshop of this kind for 4 hours: € 260.
Minimum advance booking time: 7 days
Next workshop dates: Everyday, 11-18h. 

To see and listen to more of Maura's work, check her Instagram and her

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